Client Journey

First contact

Making a great first impression is essential when you want to contact an escort. 

Writing an email or text message in a polite and direct manner is encouraged – make sure to introduce yourself, state your desired escort, location, date and time you would like the booking to take place and desired duration. Pre-booking is recommended to avoid missing out on seeing your chosen escort. You should also do some research about them beforehand by reading through the information in their ads so that if you have specific desires or requests, you can double-check whether or not they are willing to provide those services before getting in touch

Remember to be respectful when communicating with us and don’t try to haggle over pricing; this is offensive behaviour that won’t be tolerated. Lastly, do not ask for services that have already been clearly stated as not being offered by the escort.

before the meeting

It is essential to be mindful of hygiene and presentation for your date with an escort. Make sure that you are freshly showered, have brushed your teeth and used mouthwash, and your nails are properly groomed. Our escorts will also ensure they look their best when they come to meet you, it is only polite to do the same.

If they are visiting you in your home, prepare fresh linens and a towel for them. Ensure that the bathroom is spotless, since they will be guests in your space. It is essential to make sure no one else will arrive during their visit, providing a safe and secure atmosphere. Should you be visiting them at their incall residence or apartment, always maintain respect and discretion protecting both of your privacies equally.

Everyone has different lifestyle expectations – remember this before engaging in activities with an escort.

during the meeting

Being on time to your booking is important. If our ladies are joining you at a hotel or your residence it is customary to meet them in the lobby or at the front door. Being direct and precise with your directions is imperative to the punctuality of your escort. Should you book an incall service please contact us upon your arrival and we will send through the directions. Keep in mind discretion goes both ways so please behave in a discreet way when entering any incall location. . 

Once you have found each other it’s time to get the business side of things out of the way. Generally an envelope with the correct amount of cash is either handed to your escort or placed in an obvious location such as an entry table. Your escort may then ask you to take a shower or excuse herself to freshen up in the bathroom. Not wanting to ruin the mood your escort will take this time to confirm the correct amount has been provided. 

Pasing these obligatory steps, the real experience begins. Break the ice, develop trust and enjoy a friendly conversation with your escort to set the mood. Allow your escort the chance to connect with you and let them know what you expect from the experience. 


Communication is key and consent is sexy, having the foundations to know what services are provided and what is not will make for a pleasurable time for not only yourself but for your escort. Respecting each other’s boundaries, let her know what feels good and get those responses back from her. Remember none of the women on our site will offer natural service and it is distasteful to ask.  Connecting physically can at times be very intense, asking for a break or to slow down is a great way to prolong the pleasure and ensure both of your comfort. 

If you’re getting toward the end of your booked timeframe and you can’t get enough, why not make your meeting last a bit longer and let them stay if their schedule allows. 

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